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I wrote in my last post about my tendency to daydream and to allow myself to get distracted by reading all kinds of writing advice, marketing advice, and just other stuff about creative careers in general.

What do you do when you get conflicting advice?
All over the place, I’ve seen the message to bloggers to determine what the focus of their blog is going to be. Decide what you’re going to write about, who your audience is, and stick with it.

This is one piece of advice I’ve had trouble with. When I created my blog, I intended for it to be an outlet for my crafting and fiber arts pursuits – knitting, spinning, and weaving. I had a vague notion that building the blog would help me when I eventually opened my online shop selling handmade goods. Later, I realized that I didn’t know how much I wanted to sell handmade goods. There is still a vague dream of selling things in a craft show floating around in the back of my head, and I definitely still craft, but when I started AmeriCorps this fall I ceased to have any extra income to invest in craft supplies. Plus, building a business that would require me to constantly weave or knit or spin, even when I didn’t feel like it, didn’t necessarily sound like how I wanted to spend all of my free time. I still reserve a space in my brain for the possibility of selling some handmade crafts, but my blog and my life has lost some of the urgency of that goal.

Lately, I have been blogging more about my writing adventures post NaNoWriMo. This has been a fun way of exploring and sharing my writing path, and of declaring my intentions to the world so that I can’t back out on this goal too easily. But what happens if I want to still blog about a knitting project I just completed? What if I went on an amazing hike on the trail in my neighborhood and want to share some pictures? Or what if I’m excited about it being spring and getting ready to plant seedlings in our vegetable garden?

With my new determination to beef up my online marketing and social media skills, I thought it might be a good idea to start a new blog about a niche topic, give it its own Twitter account, and start experimenting with some different marketing strategies. Then, in my rash of internet blogging research, I came across this gem from Alexis Grant For Social Media, More Isn’t Necessarily Better

It advises NOT to do exactly what I was contemplating doing. There are some valid points. Mainly, the idea that spreading yourself thin over too many social media outlets should be avoided is what resonated with me. If were to create too many accounts, all of them would suffer and none would be getting the effort needed to produce quality content.

So, what am I to do when I look at this hodgepodge of my blog that reflects my hobbies, my professional pursuits and dreams, and other little things I find interesting in my life? I am going to stick with what it has naturally evolved into, mainly about writing and fiber arts, with some little branchings out here and there. Where I want to improve is by providing something of value to my readers, rather than treating it like a diary. I’ve done okay with this on some posts, not so much on others. I’m confident that approaching this in an intentional, thoughtful way will help the blog improve. Hopefully readers will agree!


Written by nikkinbird

April 11, 2012 at 8:41 pm

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