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Oh noes! I missed a post!

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I forgot to blog yesterday. Therefore, I technically have failed in my goal of posting one blog post per day this year. That sucks. However, I’m not considering it a failure. Why? If I consider now that I have failed at my goal for the whole year by missing one post 14 days into it? Then I may as well stop posting now. Then, by giving up after having made one tiny mistake in my long-term goal, I will have really failed. Instead, I’m going to consider my goal to post at least once per day an on-going goal. It’s still standing, so that means I’m still committing myself to posting once per day. It’s the same as my writing: if I were to stop writing altogether because I wasn’t able to write on one particular day, that would be silly. A goal can be ongoing and flexible.

Yesterday, when I sat down to write, my desk looked like this:


Today, when I sat down to write, my desk looked like this:


Still fairly neat, for me, but with more knitting added! I like it.

Tashi has decided that the typewriter is his new best friend.


I’m still plugging away at my NaNoWriMo novel. Maybe someday I’ll post a synopsis, but I’m so not even at that point yet. I’m struggling through the ending, which I’m hoping will be pretty epic (and fearing that it won’t be!) and will probably leave room for a sequel. I’m a fantasy and science fiction nut, so I think trilogies and series are ingrained in my brain. One thing I don’t understand is all of the publishing deals offered to NaNoWriMo participants. To me, the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to motivate you to get started, and to not care about the quality of your writing because you’re writing a rough draft. I heard Amazon had a contest for people to submit their NaNoWriMo novels to them for publication after it was over, and it’s crazy to me that anything would be ready for a contest at that point. I know that it’s probably possible to finish that rough draft during one month, but I’ve never understood how some people emerge from NaNo ready to publish what they’ve written, even just one free copy for themselves. I’m not ready to even reread what I’ve written at the end of NaNo!


Written by nikkinbird

January 15, 2012 at 5:13 pm

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