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Destination Imagination

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This year I coordinated Destination Imagination at my school.  I heard about it late, however, and the team I’m coaching with Chris just met for the third time today.  The regional tournament is March 10th, and our team picked one of the more time-consuming challenges, the Structure challenge.  I really wish I had found out about it sooner and had been able to get these teams started sooner, because we could use so much more time for team building and practice at creative problem solving processes.  It’s not something they gain by rushing through it, or by being preached at.

No matter what, it will be a good experience for the kids, but they do need a lot of time and guidance to learn some of those social skills like good teamwork and creative problem solving.  Still, they do a lot of cool stuff naturally.  It’s like they have all of this creative energy and DI just helps them release it.  I really like getting the opportunity to lead a team.

I finally got a cold.  I thought that my 10 months of being sick while working with toddlers had earned me enough immunity to get through this winter, but it seems like my free ride of health is up.  I’ve got a major sore throat and didn’t want to post before I went to bed early, but Chris made me.  New Year’s Resolution to blog every day is still intact.


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January 11, 2012 at 8:02 pm

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