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Sweater progress and 100th post

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WordPress has kindly been urging me towards this goal of 100 posts, and here it is! Exciting!

It’s Friday and I’m happy to have a chance to relax. It hasn’t been a particularly stressful week or anything, but I’ve felt slightly out of sorts all week. I blame part of it on the giant canker sore on the inside of my cheek, next to my molars. The entire area around it aches, including my throat. The back bottom molar area has felt achey the way it did right after I got my wisdom teeth out. Not fun! It’s also been giving me headaches. Who knew a canker sore could be so intense?

Here is the progress I’ve made on Chris’s sweater this week:

First I was paranoid that I would make it too big. Now I’m a little paranoid that I’ve made it too small. This is the endless suspense of long knitting projects. I’ll knit furiously so that I can finish it and find out if it turned out okay. Usually it does. Although, in November, I inexplicably knitted a pair of socks that was meant for Chris but ended up fitting me perfectly, despite the fact that I measured and the fact that it’s a pattern I’ve used many times!


Written by nikkinbird

January 6, 2012 at 7:43 pm

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