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Getting owned by students.

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Yesterday I came back to work after a week of break. First order of business? Pull a student out of class to help with math. Wait by desk in hall while student hides in boy’s bathroom. Knock on boy’s bathroom door to tell him I’m waiting at the desk. Watch while he opens door, peeks out, then ducks back in again. Open bathroom door, tell him to come out, listen while he flushes urinals multiple times to convince me that he’s actually using the bathroom, even though he’d been in the bathroom when I first came to get him out of class. Tell him he has 1 minute to wash his hands. Set 1 minute timer on iPhone. See look of defeat when he peeks out again, and I’m standing there, with a timer to refute his statement, “But it’s only been like, 15 seconds!”

In another class, I lead small reading groups. One group has a few chatterboxes who can’t shut their mouths even long enough to answer questions. When they do, they make up funny answers to make each other laugh. They also like to affect accents when it’s their turn to read aloud. Sometimes I want to laugh, but I can’t because I have to keep them on task. One, when I was trying to ask a question about the text, said, “This year, my new year’s resolution was to be awesome, but I already did that, so…”

Later, I was pulling kids out of another class to do multiplication flash cards. I have a chart to mark down each kid’s progress, but they also color part of a picture of an ice cream sundae for each number they pass. Sometimes I forget to mark my chart when they pass a number. One student came out, and I said, “Ok, it looks like we’re on sixes.”
“No, I passed my sixes!” he said.
So I checked his ice cream sundae, and the sprinkles were colored in, corresponding to the sixes. I said he was right, I’d just forgotten to mark my chart.
His reply? “Ooooh, you got OWNED!”


Written by nikkinbird

January 4, 2012 at 8:40 am

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