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Morning knitting, finished Java socks, and doggie fiber sabotage.

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I love waking up just a little extra early in the morning, so that when I finish getting ready for work, I have time to do this:

Sit on the deck in the sun and knit a little bit with some coffee. I’ve finished my Java socks and am now using up the leftover yarn for some more blanket squares. It will be a long time before it’s done, but someday I will have a sock yarn seed stitch blanket!

Here are the socks:

Has anyone ever mentioned that it’s really hard to take decent sock pictures of socks on your own feet?

I left a couple of my aluminum size 1 dpns on the couch after starting my blanket square, and it was at this point that I learned never to leave anything, even METAL knitting needles, on the couch.

Gru ate it! And those needles only came in a set of 4, so I don’t even have an extra to make due with. Then, mere moments later, I went to grab another chunk of roving to start spinning it up, and couldn’t find my pile of roving. I found it in Gru’s favorite place to lay and chew things up:

Luckily, he mostly likes to pick things up and move them around, and he didn’t ruin any of it. But now I know my dog a little better and I know to be more careful! My cats have spoiled me with their disinterest in yarn, I guess.


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