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I has a hat.

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I finished the hat tonight while watching the newest episode of Castle. It’s still not finished finished, but the hat portion is done. I need to weave in ends, put on a pom pom, and add some ties with tassel ends to the ear flaps. Chris loves it already and is threatening to steal it.


There are some things I’m not totally happy with, so I may give it up to him and knit myself a new hat with the improvements. For one thing, I wish I had made it longer so it came down farther on my head. Actually, that’s my main gripe. The other thing bugging me is the way I carry my yarn up when I do stripes. When I get to the end of a round, I flip the skeins around each other so that the strands of yarn twist together. If I only do it once, it’s not much of a twist, but twice seems like too much. Either way, it showed through on this hat. There’s a wonky line going up the back of the hat from my twists of yarn showing through to the front of the knitting. I’ll have to do some internet digging to find some suggestions, but if anyone reading has any tips, let me know! Here’s an illustration:


Now, excuse me while I go weave in some ends. The perfect thing to do when Chris and his friend sit on the couch, play Assassin’s Creed 2 and talk about cars.


Written by nikkinbird

March 4, 2011 at 2:52 am

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