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What to do with leftover sock yarn.

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Last night I needed a bit of mindless knitting while relaxing with some TV shows, so I pulled out my ziploc baggie of these:


These are squares knit out of leftover sock yarn that I will eventually sew together into a quilt. Clearly I don’t have enough now, I and I likely won’t for many years, but it’ll be so cool to have a quilt that commemorates different pairs of socks I’ve knit.

How I knit these:
CO 3 sts.
At the beginning of each row, KFB the first stitch.
I use a seed stitch pattern, but you could do garter stitch or anything you want.
Continue increasing on each row until triangle is the size you want.
Now decrease at the beginning of each row until you have two sts left.
Bind off.

Voila! An easy way to make the squares all the same size with varying yarn and needles.


Written by nikkinbird

February 20, 2011 at 12:30 am

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