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Summer blooms handwoven scarf

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Here are some rather poorly lit photos of my progress on my current scarf. The yarn is Knitpicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn in the “Summer Blooms” colorway. I was looking for colors that reminded me of spring, and bright pinks definitely fit the bill. I find showing progress pictures of weaving to be less gratifying than showing progress pictures of knitting, because with weaving you can’t see all of what’s finished. It’s all rolled on the beam! So, between now and when I actually finished, there is basically no point in showing any more progress pics. It’ll all look the same. Good thing weaving on a rigid heddle loom goes so quickly!



In other news, this spring I will almost certainly be teaching beginning knitting classes through Duluth Community Ed! Even better, the school I’ll be in is only minutes from my house. Gotta love that commute. I think working with adults will be a refreshing change of pace from working with two-year-olds, and getting more involved in the community sharing something I love is going to be great, too. Yay for fiber arts 🙂


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