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New scarf on the loom.

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I’m quite proud of myself, because I have a new scarf on the loom already. I spent all last night warping the loom. Once I get finished warping the loom, it’s almost impossible to resist starting weaving, even if it means I’m staying up too late for my own good! I don’t have any pictures yet, and last night our internet wasn’t working. I’ll have pictures tomorrow, I promise! The new scarf is a springy colorway of Knitpicks’ sock yarn, I forget which one, but I’ll look it up for tomorrow’s post.

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Duluth the past few days, even getting up to 50 degrees! Yesterday I went outside in just a sweater. I also lost my pink/purple scarf that I wove out of Cascade 220. It might be somewhere at the preschool, but I don’t know where. So sad! It wasn’t perfect, but it was tightly woven warmth on my neck. It was super long, so that I could loop it around twice or just fold it in half and knot it around my neck. I hope it turns up. Losing handmade things is sadness.


Written by nikkinbird

February 18, 2011 at 4:27 am

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