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Hot fudge brownie sundaes with friends for Valentine’s Day

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Being romantic on Valentine’s Day is great and all, but it’s fun to spend with friends, too! Last year, Chris and I made hot fudge brownie sundaes on Valentine’s Day. We baked fresh brownies and put everything together ourselves, then shared with our roommates (my brother and his friend). It was a great casual way to still make a day special, and it was such a great idea that we thought we should repeat it.


So we had a few friends over, baked some fresh brownies, piled on our delicious toppings, and then played Little Big Planet 2. A great way to celebrate a greeting card holiday.

Funny story, though. At work, the toddlers had sundaes too, and I got back from my lunch break just as they were being served. I saw the whipped cream on top of the mini toddler sundaes and realized that we hadn’t gotten any for our brownie sundaes. I decided that whipped cream was essential and called Chris on my next break. So he went to the grocery store, picked up a giant can of whipped cream and headed to the checkout. Standing in line, he looked at the teenager about to ring him up, and thought, “It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m standing in line buying only a large can of whipped cream.” Very awkward, but it made me laugh.

Also, our friend made pretty cupcakes with shortbread hearts on top! Amazing.



Written by nikkinbird

February 15, 2011 at 4:54 am

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