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Pretty yarn shipment. Complimentary cat.

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What better thing to motivate me to finish the scarf currently on my rigid heddle loom than more yarn waiting to be woven up into scarves?


My Knitpicks order came today and it was so fun opening a box full of yarn! I haven’t splurged like that in ages. But then, it wasn’t a splurge because it’s working towards my goal of making scarves to sell at the barn sale this spring. So it’s an investment.


Here’s the yarn all laid out. I got a couple of sock yarns, Knitpicks’ new “Chroma” yarn is the orangey ball and I got a white skein to use as the warp for that one. The gray and white balls of yarn are for a scarf for Chris to replace one that I’d woven that he lost on a work trip. He felt very bad and apologized for losing it, but it was really just a practice scarf I’d made with some extra yarn. And it was always too short for him to wrap around his neck more than once anyway. I also got some laceweight yarn on the off chance I’d like the airy scarf I’m making now, but I’m not sure I like the experience of it.

So tonight I worked away at the current lacy, lightweight scarf while watching the two latest episodes of Bones. I can’t really stand watching TV while doing nothing because it feels like a waste, and I get bored too quickly while crafting without anything else to entertain me. So I like to have lots of shows lined up for my knitting and weaving time. Otherwise I don’t stick with either for long, and it’s the perfect excuse to watch lots of TV and not feel bad. Overall, it’s been a good night. See you on tomorrow’s blog post!


Written by nikkinbird

February 8, 2011 at 4:32 am

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