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Weaving experiment.

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I have some pictures of my weaving “experiment” of using laceweight yarn with my 10 dent rigid heddle. I took them this morning so I could use the natural light. My pile of junk mail provides a nice white backdrop to the dark thread, no?



As you can see, it’s very holey, and the selvedges are all wobbly. Actually, all of the weaving is wobbly. I’m trying not to beat the weft too hard, so that it will be just as spaced as the warp, but when I don’t squash it down far enough, the yarn seems to like to bounce back and make itself all wobbly again! It probably doesn’t help that the yarn likes to stick to itself. Though, suspiciously, it would not stick to itself at all when I was trying to tie the ends of the warp onto the rod with an even tension.

I’m eagerly awaiting an order of sock yarn from Knitpicks to see how I like how that weaves up. I want to test out different yarns to see what I like in hopes of buying a bulk order of something later. I really like how one-ply yarns look woven, so I have my sights set on a test cone of sport weight Brown Sheep Lanaloft.

Tomorrow, I shall have photos of beautiful handknit socks.


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February 1, 2011 at 3:20 am

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