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I was poking around WordPress a bit and found that they have a post per day challenge for 2011 (Check out They also have a post per week challenge, but I feel like going all out. So, I am hereby making a new goal for myself to blog every day in 2011. It’s possible that I may slip here and there, but that’s okay, because the goal itself will help me stick to blogging better than me telling myself “I should blog more” and then not doing it.

Another goal I have is to complete some woven scarves by May. Chris’s mom does a “shabby chic” furniture sale with some friends out of her barn, and they wanted to do one in May. I think it would be a good opportunity to test the waters of selling handwoven scarves. Eventually, my goal is to try out a craft show, but I’m waiting until after Chris and I get married.

What’s that? Getting married? Yes, it seems I have failed to mention it here, but Chris proposed to me a few days before Christmas. We’re getting married on September 24th, 2011. It’s coming up soon!

But, speaking of scarves, I started a scarf today on the rigid heddle loom. I found a cone of mystery fiber lace-weight yarn at the thrift store the other day and decided to use it to see how weaving with laceweight yarn would work on my 10 dent heddle. I’m expecting it to be pretty gauzy, but so far haven’t gotten too far past warping it. There’s another goal: learn the direct warping method for rigid heddle looms!

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I shall have pictures.


Written by nikkinbird

January 31, 2011 at 1:25 am

Posted in Weaving

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