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Here is another blog post apologizing for a long hiatus. I really must be more diligent about this blogging thing. Sadly, I find it hard to be motivated after work during the work week. I have all kinds of excuses, though! Leading up to Christmas, I was super busy, and after New Year’s, I’ve been perpetually sick! I got a horrible cold the first couple weeks of January, then, when that was wrapping up, I hurt my back and was forced to lay around all weekend and call in sick from my weekend job. Then, when that was all nicely healing, I developed a new cold this week! It’s either a new cold or I have a sinus infection. They say that after your first year of working with little kids, you never get sick anymore, but getting through this first year is going to be tough! I’m not saying I’ll be in this job next year for sure, but at the moment I don’t have too many other options.

But on to the knitting, fibery content. I haven’t been blogging it, but I have been doing stuff. So I don’t have the excuse that I have no content. I just have to take some pictures! Well, here are some things I already have pictures of.

For Christmas, being on a budget, I made these little snowmen guys from and made them into ornaments. Though they are tiny, they take a surprisingly longer time to knit than you would think. I was in a snowm crunch as Christmas got closer! But I finished all that I needed to, and baked some cookies to go with them besides.



And then I slept by the fire, a very satisfying, cozy feeling. Especially when my cat crawls in to cuddle under my arm. Oh, Tashi.



Written by nikkinbird

January 29, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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