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Lemme have my coffee!

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Yesterday, I decided that despite lack of a companion and lack of money, I would go to the Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild’s winter sale downtown to poke around. I was craving me some Starbucks, and on the way debated whether I should get it before I went to the sale or after. Since it was on the way, I grabbed my skim vanilla latte before going to the sale. As I walked in to the sale, I passed a woman sitting at an information desk. Then I noticed the sign on the doors leading into the hall: “Please do not take food and beverages past these doors.” I stopped, and laughed, addressing the woman at the info desk, “I just got this,” and then I kind of gestured to the signs. I was laughing at the situation, not really complaining or anything. The woman simply stared at me, then said, “Yeah you can’t bring that in there.” She was completely deadpan, and that didn’t really encourage me to ask to leave my coffee on a corner of her little desk or anything. So I went back to my car, put the coffee in a cup holder, and re-entered the sale.

I walked around a bit, saw people demonstrating weaving and spinning, then I saw a woman holding a styrofoam cup. I thought to myself, “I should have just done like she did and ignored the signs.” Then I looked past her and saw a table full of coffee and cookies. Seriously? Next time I’ll just break the rules and wait for someone to say something to me, if that’s what I get for trying to do the right thing.


Written by nikkinbird

December 5, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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  1. I think I would have walked back out to my car and got my coffee. I see that kind of sign sometimes, but I have specially filtered water that I carry around with me everywhere (it has the fluoride filtered out – ’cause I’m not really keen on drinking rat poison!), and have yet to have someone try to make me leave it or take it back out to my car. I’m guessing that they think you’ll be more inclined to buy food and drink inside if you can’t bring in your own, and that you won’t be able to sneak in any alcohol. Yeah, ’cause yarnies are such lushes! Pishaw!


    December 29, 2010 at 5:44 pm

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