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Blog post sabotage

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Well, I had another thing unfortunately sabotage my blog posting: my computer died. Like, it shorted out with no warning, just a suddenly black screen with a little fizzle sound, and it’s dead. Luckily, I didn’t have to spend money to have it declared dead, as I live with “the Mac Doctor,” which is the name of Chris’s new home based business. He repairs macs! My motherboard shorted out and it will cost $300 for a new motherboard. I’ve been wanting a new, unibody aluminum Macbook Pro for quite a while now, and one is coming in the mail next week! Instead of repairing my computer for me, I’m going to have Chris fix it and then sell it for me so I can put the money towards the line of credit I got for the new computer.

And the other day, I tried to post about all of this on my iPhone with the WordPress app, but it crashed while publishing and I didn’t have the heart to re-type it all out on the little iPhone touchscreen keyboard. I guess that’s the lesson to always copy and paste somewhere!

Right now we’re decorating our Christmas tree! We went to a cut your own tree farm, which turned out to be more like a guy’s property that just happened to have a whole bunch of pine trees on it. The type of tree we got this year is not as bush and full as the kind we got last year, so we spent a good hour and a half traipsing through the woods looking for the perfect tree at the perfect height and with enough branches. We got a pretty good one, and now we’re working on getting our lights to work. It’s funny how a string of lights from 10 or 15 years ago, which we got from Chris’s parents, is working way better than a set that was brand new last year. Everything is made so cheaply these days, and it’s sad to me that we waste so much because we always have to throw away crap so we can buy new crap. I hate the principle of planned obsolescence!


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November 29, 2010 at 12:21 am

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