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I’m making progress on Chris’s sackperson from Little Big Planet. Rather, I was making progress. Then I hit roadblocks. The roadblocks mainly being that I haven’t yet bought any of the extra components like stuffing, eyes, a zipper, or pipe cleaners, and they are required before I progress to the next stages. In my defense, I was going to use a different pattern than the one I’m using now, so I didn’t have this list when I bought the yarn. Still, I didn’t consult the list from that other pattern, either.

The first pattern I was going to use is this free one by Alan Dart, and it’s pretty good. But it bugged me a little. It was a pretty good approximation of a sackperson, but Chris’s sackperson needed to be perfect. Or at least very very closely resembling the character from the game. And the proportions were just off somehow, to me. So then I was idly browsing the results of a Google image search for “sackboy,” and I came across somebody’s blog, who had purchased a knitted sackboy from RugRats on etsy. I did a little more poking, and as luck would have it, the seller has a pattern for the sackboy for sale too! I’m very satisfied with how closely this sackperson resembles the one in the game, and the mouth is even posable to give it different expressions. I’m excited to finish it, even though I know I’m going to be put off by all the finishing and putting together that’ll be required once the knitting is through. I’m sure I can handle it, though.


Written by nikkinbird

November 23, 2010 at 3:11 am

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