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Culture shock

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As part of any study abroad program, there’s bound to be some part of orientation dedicated to the subject of “culture shock.” Culture shock is an emotional reaction to the new situation and surroundings one must adjust to. It’s like homesickness. I even got a fun little graph of my probable emotional highs and lows during my semester abroad in Argentina. I guess the reason that study abroad people talk about it so much is that being aware that it will happen can make students deal with it better.

So why does nobody ever talk about culture shock at a new job? Or in any new situation or big life change? Everything has an adjustment period. I’m wondering that today because I’m trying to figure out if my stressful week so far is due to a natural emotional low that comes as a part of adjusting to this new workplace, or if I really can’t sustain the energy needed to work with 21 toddlers every day. I already went through my honeymoon period, where I thought, “Hey! These kids are cute and even though they cry and poop a lot I get to cuddle them!” Either way, unless some magical new job lands in my lap, I need money and this is where I am right now. At least next week is a three day work week!

In other news, Chris got me Kirby’s Epic Yarn as a late birthday present, and it’s delightful. I have a short attention span for video games, but I’ve been playing it a bit and enjoy it a lot. Plus, dude, it’s a video game with characters made out of yarn! And scenery made out of fabric and stitching! For a textile lover like me, what’s not to love?
For anyone who hasn’t heard of it yet, here’s the trailer:


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November 17, 2010 at 1:26 am

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