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Cozy fires and cozy wool.

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I’m still working on the Nordic Mittens, but I’ve also cast on for an easier, more portable project that I can bring to work without worrying too much about making mistakes or getting stuck in the middle of a row when my break is over. It’s the Fisherman’s Farrow Rib Scarf from Longstocking Knits. I wanted a scarf with some simple texture, and this fit the bill! It’s also ridiculously easy and soothing to knit.

Here’s a closeup of the fisherman’s rib pattern:

Now that we have snow, building fires in the fireplace keeps seeming like the greatest way to spend an entire afternoon and evening. I’ve always loved building fires, so having a real wood burning fireplace in the house is awesome! True story: When I was in fifth grade some friends of mine and I were bitten by the fire bug. We went down the hill at the far end of our playground. We were not allowed to go there because the recess monitors couldn’t see us. For a few days in a row we went down there and lit twigs and dry leaves on fire. Finally we were caught, I think because one of our group was afraid we’d start a bigger fire and she told on us. Funnily enough, we didn’t really get in trouble. All of us were good kids, good grades and everything, so they told us that they wouldn’t do anything as long as we told our parents when we got home. I never did. I wonder what they would think of kids lighting little sticks on fire at school these days?

My cat seems to have inherited the fire bug from me. He will sit and stare at flames for hours. Or maybe he likes the warmth, but he has also been known to stare at flickering candle flames. I will leave you with a picture of him by last night’s fire.


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November 16, 2010 at 2:32 am

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