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Garter yoke cardigan finished and new project.

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IMG_2245The Garter Yoke Cardigan has been sitting around for a few days, waiting for its ends to be woven in and to be blocked. Yesterday, I finally did it. It had surprisingly fewer ends than I’d thought from looking at it (while wearing it and dancing around dangling the ends from the sleeves so that Tashi the kitty would chase them). It is also taking a really long time to dry. I had to switch it to drier towel today because the towel under it was so damp, the thing was never going to dry. Now it seems on the right track, and I shall soon have a new fall sweater! Only, I need to get buttons. Still, can’t wait!

On Monday night I had a knit night with my friend Mel. She brought wine, Chris made a fire in the fireplace, and knitting commenced. It was a lovely evening. We drank the wine out of coffee mugs, and I started my Nordic Mittens in two colors instead of the multiple colors shown on the pattern page. This is simply because I chose the pattern after having purchased yarn. Also, since it’s my first go at real color work, I probably wouldn’t want to be dealing with striping at the same time, too. It’s going well so far, I think. I’m a little concerned about yarn dominance, which is affected by how you hold both colors of yarn. I think I have everything straight, and am holding the dominant color so that it strands under the background color. Still, I think my stitches are going to be awfully uneven and wonky on this first mitten. I hope blocking will straighten it out! I’m about 10 rows above the cuff now, but here is a picture of the cuff:

I’ve decided that I’m going to take Mel’s advice. She said that when people look at my knitting and say, “That looks hard, was it hard?” I should just answer, “Yes.”


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