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Duluth homecoming.

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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, and I need to remedy that. I do want to get this going more regularly. It’s been almost a year since I started it, and I’ve been pretty on and off with it. Boo.

One big change that happened is that Chris and I moved to Duluth at the beginning of August! We bought a house with the help of his parents, and so far it has been amazing. They are doing a lot of improvements to it and overall, I just love it better than renting. We are so lucky. Moving and unpacking and getting settled had us pretty busy for awhile, but now we’ve kind of settled into a sort of routine, even though we still have lots of organizing to do. One thing we are doing today is going to get little felt feet to put on the bottom of our dining room table and chairs. This is our dining room right now:

In knitting news, I restarted the garter yoke cardigan, which you can see here in its first, giant incarnation. I ripped it all out months ago, and had the balls of yarn sitting around waiting for me to decide if I should try another pattern with it or retry this one. It seems that the yarn really wanted to be a garter yoke cardigan, and, after swatching properly this time, I restarted it about a week and a half ago. Funnily enough. I got closest to gauge with the size needles specified in the pattern, a size 7, instead of the size 9 I used before. So I hope it works out this time. I have now learned my lesson to not only swatch, but to wash the swatch and block it before measuring its gauge! Here is my progress after about a week and a half:
The only size 7 circulars I had were metal needles, which tend to hurt my hands more than bamboo. However, being nearly jobless*, I need to save the 8-10 bucks I’d spend on new needles for food. Plus, I’m worried that switching to different needles may somehow change my gauge. Who knows. So today I am on a knitting break, since my hands are sore from how much knitting I did yesterday. Bummer. I’ve been itching to do some beading for awhile, though, so I can satisfy my crafting urges that way.

*nearly jobless=working part time at the job I had in when I was in college while I look for more full-time work.


Written by nikkinbird

September 4, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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