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Well, it appears my blogging resolve seriously lapsed there for awhile. But me and my AmeriCorps cluster put on a rockin’ school carnival!


That’s all of us after the carnival, imitating this picture:

The poster we had in our office looked a little different than that picture, but you get the idea, more or less. I wish I could put up some pictures from the carnival itself, with all the kids and their families having fun, but I can’t post student pictures online. I mean, technically I could if I knew their parents had signed a photo release and so on, but my personal blog isn’t really what those releases are meant for.

The weeks since the carnival have been a little less busy and hectic, and now I’m in the middle of four whole days in a row off. Crazy! So I’m getting used to this idea of having free time again, haha. I’m getting back into the knitting groove after being sucked into beadweaving for awhile. I still am, and am in fact teaching a beadweaving summer school class for 4th-8th graders starting next week! Working with seed beads reminded me that I had an unfinished, beaded Muir sitting around, so that is my next goal. It’s got a long way to go!


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June 23, 2010 at 1:10 am

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