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Too many crafts?

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Is there a such thing as too many crafts? Often, I get pulled in lots of directions when it comes to crafting. I will be completely set on one thing, like weaving, for a week, and then something else will hit me and I’ll go a completely different direction, like making jewelry. Since I really want to have a little bit more focus and become more skilled in my fiber arts pursuits, I also feel as if I shouldn’t dabble in other things. So it has been pretty difficult to go to Michael’s for supplies for my after school classes, Jewelry Making and Play With Clay, because I always want to take up new hobbies when I go there. What has also been difficult? Starting a new job at a bead shop! Okay, not so difficult, but difficult in terms of trying to stick to one focus. This weekend I got a lesson in basic beading, and I made these:



Now, I’m anxiously awaiting Friday for two paychecks so I can invest in some tools and supplies and make a bunch of jewelry! My money may need to go elsewhere, due to a car issue, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll figure out a way to get some basic stuff so I can scratch this itch. And I have decided that there is no harm in having many crafty talents, as long as I try not to gaze too wistfully at every beautiful thing I see that someone has made and think “I wish I could do that!”


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March 9, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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