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I’m getting close to done with the Garger Yoke Cardigan. I’m about halfway through the first sleeve. See? One thing IMG_1710I find super annoying about knitting sleeves on top-down sweaters is that I have to spin the whole lump of sweater around each time I change needles so that the knitting will hang straight. Kinda tedious, but it would bug me more to not have the knitting hanging straight. I’m excited to get this sweater off the needles and blocked. Right now, the edges want to curl a lot, so even when I try it on to see how it looks, it’s hard to tell. I added some length to it and I’m a little worried that I might have added too much, and it seems a little big. But it may just be the perfect size to be a nice, cozy, loungy type sweater. I’m also going to add length to the sleeves. The length listed in the pattern didn’t seem right, but then I looked at the picture and saw that the sleeves are actually short to allow for an under layer to show through. But I’d rather have them longer.

I also finally got to start a weaving project after letting my loom lie dormant for quite awhile. Usually I sit down IMG_1705and warp it in one afternoon or evening, but this time the whole warping process got spread out over two weeks. My first setback was that I used a couple of skeins of yarn I’d intended to use for a hat, and used the “cross your fingers” method of finding out whether or not I had enough yarn. I didn’t, and had to order more and wait a week before I could finish measuring out the warp yarns. Then, we took a weekend trip to Duluth the day after the yarn got here, so I couldn’t get the warp all set up on the loom. I’m mostly dead when I come home after work every day, so working on weaving wasn’t an option until yesterday. I don’t have a picture of my current progress, but here’s a picture I took of using the Kromski Harp’s pegs as a warping board.

Alamo says: “Why haven’t you put a picture of ME on your blog yet??? I’m cute!”



Written by nikkinbird

February 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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