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I want to be a shawl person.

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Lately I’ve been seeing pictures of people’s gorgeous knitted lace shawls around and I’ve thought, “I should knit more lace shawls, and become a shawl person.” I’ve worn shawls off and on before, but not regularly, and I never quite feel like I’m pulling it off. Perhaps it’s because most of my wardrobe is pretty casual. However, this month at work, the idea was born in our AmeriCorps cluster to make every weekday of February a theme day. We wrote ideas on scraps of paper, made up a little calendar, and randomly picked themes for each day. Then, we decided that every day we’d vote on whose outfit we liked best. The challenge has been conforming to the theme while still managing an acceptable work outfit, because, unless someone noticed that we were all wearing plaid on Thursday, nobody in the school knows we’re doing this. So on Disney Character day, for example, outfits were loosely interpreted.

The thing that surprised me is that I’m noticing how much more fun it is to get dressed when I take a chance with my outfits. Yesterday was the biggest for me. I haven’t worn any dresses or skirts since the summer, because I don’t have warm tights, or any money to remedy that. But Thursday was “Dress like Annie” day and she wears lots of skirts and dresses. She also layers. So, I took the chance to wear a dress I’ve had since high school that I’ve never worn. It’s dark denim, and I wore a purple shirt under it for longer sleeves. I had some black leggings that I bought to use as long underwear last winter and some tall socks to remedy the cold legs issue. I totally won the day because Annie just happened to be wearing a navy blue dress the same length as mine, with a similar purple shirt underneath it. Besides that I totally won the votes for that day, I also won because I discovered that I love this dress despite whatever reservations I had before about wearing it!

So, the moral of the story is, maybe I can be a shawl person, if I ever get around to knitting some shawls for myself. I currently have two shawls in hibernation, waiting to be finished, and both are intended for friends. One of them is Muir from Knitty, which I started a looong time ago, maybe a year and a half, for my best friend. It’s one of those projects that I have to give my full attention to, rather than sit in front of a TV show and knit, so I find myself doing less knitting on it. I need to get back to it. It will be great when it’s all finished and blocked, but right now the lace pattern is all mushed together. As it should be, though.
IMG_0623 IMG_0621


Written by nikkinbird

February 15, 2010 at 4:26 am

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