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Squishy handspun wool cowl.

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I always finish things and then let them sit around for weeks before weaving in the ends or blocking. Well, here is something I finally blocked and wove the ends into, probably in the wrong order (I wove the ends in after I blocked it). I call this the “Squishy cowl,” because it is big and squishy in garter stitch. It is made out of handspun coopworth yarn, spun from roving I got at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, back that one time when I went. IMG_1489 I was going to weave with the yarn, but when winding it into a ball I realized that, though it is pretty thin in some places, it’s too thick-n’-thin to be used as warp yarn, and I didn’t have anything else to pair it with. So, I went for something nice and simple, a wide garter stitch cowl with 3×2 ribbing as edging. It’s pretty wide because I only had a 24″ circular needle, not a smaller one to make it more snug. Also, I liked the idea of making it big enough that it could be pulled up and used as a hood if needed.

I wish I could get better photographs of the deep brown color; it really doesn’t look so washed out in real life. One of these days I’m going to take a photography class. At least you can see the fuzzy texture, though. The yarn hovers between a dk and worsted weight, I think. And then the second skein I apparently spun a little bit bulky, but only used that on the ribbing towards the end. Anyway, in case anyone likes my simple cowl, I am going to write up a “pattern” here, though I don’t feel as if something so simple actually counts as a pattern. But here ya go:

Nikki’s Squishy CowlIMG_1490

about 200 yds worsted or heavy worsted yarn
size 6 24″ circular needles
stitch marker

CO 90 sts, place marker, and join sts to begin knitting in round.
Knit in K3, P2 pattern for 12 rows.
Knit in garter stitch for 9.5 inches. Keep in mind that since you are knitting in the round, you must knit one row, then purl one row, switching at the marker. This will create a small jog where the stitches switch, I just consider it the back of the piece.
Knit in K3, P2 pattern for 12 more rows.
Bind off using your preferred bind off!


Written by nikkinbird

January 24, 2010 at 12:59 am

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