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A series of fails.

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A couple of months ago, our old coffee maker died and we got a new one that we had been eyeing for awhile. It has a double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe, so the coffee is kept warm without a burner. No more burnt coffee! But the carafe can also cool the coffee down, so the directions in the box recommended filling it with hot water and letting it sit for awhile in order to warm up the metal walls. Yesterday morning, I forgot to dump the hot water out of the carafe before putting it in the coffee maker and turning it on. I happily went into the other room to munch my cereal, and came back to a giant puddle of diluted coffee on the counter and on the floor. Note to self: do not try to brew coffee into a container that is already full of water.

More puddles ensued in my “Play With Clay” after school class. Despite what I thought of as my over-planning, the kids had me flustered and running all over the place. The problem was really my expectations. Did I really think that putting paper over the tables would keep them completely clean? Did I really think the kids would actually be listening to me when I told them to only dabble their fingers in the cups of water I gave them for smoothing out their clay? No, not really. Most of all, I really didn’t expect a kid to randomly decide to dump one hand-washing bucket of clay-clouded water into the other, causing it to overflow onto the table and floor. And then I didn’t expect the kids to keep splashing in the overflowing bucket. At that point I felt profoundly discouraged. It turned out okay, though, because they keep a bucket with two short mops for the tables in the cafeteria, where the class is held, and miraculously, the kids fought over who got to clean up with those mops. So I had a table full of kids coloring, and four kids cleaning the tables, floor and chairs. Whew.

Then today, in an attempt to free up some space on my computer, I exported a bunch of photos from my iPhoto library onto a backup hard drive and then deleted them from iPhoto. Almost immediately after I finished this, all of the albums that I had uploaded to Flickr using iPhoto’s Flickr synchronization featuer got little spinny icons next to them. It took me too long to figure out what was happening – iPhoto was synchronizing my iPhoto library with my Flickr account – emptying the Flickr albums of all photos as well. So, my comforting thought, “I have all my photos on Flickr, too, just in case,” was really irrelevant.

Okay, so now the damage doesn’t seem as bad as I thought. Only one post on here is seriously affected. I am disappointed that iPhoto has no way to configure their Flickr upload feature.

On the upside of everything, I’ve been a productive crafter, and I have some photos to post as soon as I sort out this whole Flickr thing.


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January 22, 2010 at 9:36 pm

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