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After school kids and tiny skeins for Christmas!

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Lately, it’s been difficult to find a time to take pictures of things, since I get home an hour after it gets dark and I never feel like doing anything after work, anyway.  I never like how things come out with flash, so I try to take pictures when I have natural sunlight.  There just isn’t as much of it right now!  But I do have a few pictures of what I’ve been up to lately.

First, I have pictures of the popsicle stick llamas my after school class made.  Actually, I put all the popsicle stick bodies together before the class, and the kids just chose their yarn colors and wrapped it around the llamas.  One thing I learned from teaching this class is that if you have a time limit and younger children, you have to keep it simple!  Also, I learned to let go of any perfectionist tendencies I may  have when it comes to crafts, because it’s really not a big deal if the kids don’t do it perfectly as long as they have fun!  After the kids made their llamas, I brought them home and arranged them on a poster board for a presentation at a family night.  I still plan on doing a little how-to post for how I made the llamas, I just gotta find the time.  Stay tuned!

The other day I was finishing up some handspun yarn and freeing up some bobbins so I could start on some new yarn.  Usually when I do two-ply yarn, there’s always a little bit of singles left on one of the bobbins and I wind it up and save it.  So this time, having just had a conversation about Christmas ornaments with Chris, after I wound the yarn up into a little skein, I had a thought.  I thought, this little skein of yarn is so cute and tiny, it would be perfect as a Christmas tree ornament!  That idea sent me to my stash of yarn scraps – handspun and commercial – to make up a bunch of tiny little skeins. They all turned out so cute!  Perfect for my fledgling Etsy shop.  Soon I hope to have lots of full-size skeins of handspun yarn gracing my shop, but for now, check out my tiny skeins and some hemp bracelets made by me!

Speaking of hemp bracelets, a coworker and I are teaching a jewelry making after school class for 3-5th graders, and I’m really excited.  Apparently there was a lot of buzz about it in the 5th grade after the brochures were distributed.  I’m also touched and flattered that a lot of the kids want to take my classes simply because I’m teaching them.  Kids are awesome.


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December 13, 2009 at 3:53 pm

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